Romania 2017

The 2nd Learning/Teaching/Training Activities
in Raducaneni, Iasi, ROMANIA
21th – 27th May 2017

Topic of the meeting: Victims and aggressors within discrimination and bullying. Arts&crafts to stop violence

Which is the host school?

707400 Iasi, ROMANIA


Video Diary: look it

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Description of the activity: Participating students and teachers were divided into groups. They were involved in a puppet show workshop in which they created the puppets and wrote the script related to the subtopic of the meeting. At the end of the week, the host country organised a show in which all students were brought together to present their work. All participants took part in the labyrinth theatre entitled “Victims and aggressors within discrimination and bullying” performed by the host students.
Teachers discussed current issues on the project work.
Local cultural and historical sights were introduced to all the participants.