Italy 2017

The 1st Learning/Teaching/Training Activities
in Lanciano, ITALY
12th – 18th March 2017

Topic of the meeting: Types of discrimination. Forms of bullying – verbal, physical, social or emotional//Sports To Stop Violence.

Which is the host school?
Istituto Comprensivo Don L. Milani

Via Napoli 83
83 – 66034 Lanciano, ITALY


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Description of the activity: Participating students and teachers have been divided into two groups – the research group and the practical activities group. They worked with their peers in the first two days of activities and then they presented the results of the other groups. Students and teachers attended at least two classes every day so that they could observe the methods, style and content of the lesson in the host country. At the end of the week, the host country organised a show in which all students were brought together to present their work.
Italian partners organised lots of sports activities such as tennis, swimming, parkour, eurhythmics and breakdancing.
The host school held a conference on the topic: “Sports to Stop Violence ” with the assistance of the boxer Andrea Di Monte, the criminologist – expert in self-defense psychology, Suzanna Loriga and the general manager of professional football companies Mino Maisto.
Teachers discussed current issues on the project work.
Local cultural and historical sights were introduced to all the participants.